Top Halloween Costumes This Year and How to Tape for Them

Halloween has got to be one of the best times of the year because who doesn’t love to dress up? On the left is @afkayt from Instagram who uses Good Lines in her amazing FX makeup! On the right, @valbonabakiu is pulling off Barbie better than we've ever seen before. 
What better accessory for that perfect Halloween fit than Good Lines Boob Tape!  Here are our favorite Halloween Costume trends this year and how to tape for them!
Hello Austin Powers! This easy amazon costume is sexy and fun. But what is going to hold you and the girls in all night? Our 2 or 3 inch Straight Tape is your perfect fix for keeping people's eyes on your costume, and not your bra straps. 
Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap is trending on TikTok this halloween season. How did we not realize how chic she really was?! Maybe she wasn’t the villain after all. Make the perfect sexy cleavage with this simple DIY outfit for halloween. Just two strips of our straight tape in a bandeau style will have you looking like the chic queen herself.
The new Top Gun movie came out this summer so you know that means it is time to rock the jumpsuit better than Tom Cruise could ever. This costume and taping method is perfect for someone with a larger bust who wants coverage but wants to feel sexy. Use our 2 or 3 inch Straight Tape and get ready to have the guns (and girls) blazin this Halloween!
Keeping with the retro vibe this season, we’re bringing back this cartoon classic with Daphne from Scooby Doo. We can’t help but love this super cute purple dress from amazon. Keep the girls in place with Good Lines straight tape using a bandeau style. 
See how to tape for this costume here!
Catsuits have made a comeback this year and what better way to style one than how none other than Cher would. This costume is perfect for a smaller bust and someone who wants to use Good Lines to keep them comfy and in place all night long. Using our 2 inch tape or even just our gentle nipple covers will give you minimal coverage for a sexy costume. 
Make sure you tag us on instagram at @goodlines so we can see your amazing costumes this year! Happy Halloween Good Lines babes!

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