How to Apply & Remove Good Lines®

Please keep in mind the importance of watching our website's instructional video for safe application and removal of our products. Good Lines products are not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding women, or individuals with sensitive or thin skin, diabetes, or pre-diabetes. Exercise caution when applying tape to areas with thin skin around the collar bone and upper chest. For initial wear, limit usage to 2-3 hours to prevent potential irritation. Avoid wearing products for more than 8 hours, exposing them to prolonged sun or heat, sunbathing while wearing them, or using them on consecutive days. Apply adequate tape for proper breast support as insufficient support may cause skin pulling and irritation. Failure to follow instructions may result in skin irritation and blisters. If you experience itching, swelling, rash, or discomfort, promptly remove the product and seek medical attention.


  1. Test - Apply a test patch on your chest for 24 hours to check for any skin reactions.
  2. Prep - Ensure your skin is clean and dry, free from lotions, powders, oils, perfume, makeup, sweat, sunblock, or fresh spray tan. Avoid using moisturizing soaps or body washes. Apply nipple covers.
  3. Ready - Peel off the liner slowly, being careful not to let the tape touch itself or your hands excessively. Remember, it's a one-time use product.
  4. Start - Lift your breast with one hand to the desired position. Use your other hand to tape the base of the Boob Tape above the breast. Use a mirror for accurate alignment.
  5. Tape - Keep your breast elevated and slide the tape up, shaping it around the breast. Smooth out any wrinkles. Note that once the tape touches the skin, it will not re-stick. Avoid applying excessive tension on the tape to prevent skin irritation.
  6. Activate - Rub the bra to activate the adhesive.
  7. Trim - Carefully trim any excess Boob Tape that you don't want to be visible.


  1. Saturate - Completely saturate the tape in oil to loosen its bond with your skin. Let the oil soak in for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Remove - Slowly pull the tape back against itself, avoiding a 45-degree angle. Apply more oil to stubborn spots if needed. Avoid ripping it off like a bandaid.
  3. Finish - Use an oil-soaked cotton pad to remove any remaining adhesive from your skin.

Pro Tips

  • Remember, It is acceptable to have some wrinkles when applying the tape, as they will not be noticeable under clothing.
  • When cutting Boob Tape to fit your clothing, please exercise caution. Cutting the tape excessively may reduce its adhesive strength, potentially leading to skin irritation.