NEW! How To Apply & Remove Good Lines Boob Tape Video

You Asked. We Listened.

Introducing the new Good Lines: How To Apply & Remove Video. Please keep in mind this product has serious hold! It is important to watch the video here or on our website to learn how to apply and remove our products safely.

Step 1: Apply Nipple Covers 
Did you know we have 2 sizes of Nipple Covers?
boob tape nipple covers

Step 2: Apply Straight Tape boob tape
Speaking of Straight Tape, we have: 5 tones, 2 widths, and 2 adhesive strengths.
straight tape boob tape midnight

Or you can apply the Classic Cut!
The Shorty Cut works great when you need a good lift but minimal coverage.

classic cut boob tape

Step 3: Enjoy your new boobs!
mirror boob tape backless

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  • Can the tape be used in the same way trans tape can be used?

    Ash Pamer

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