NEW VIDEOS: One Shoulder Application

This week we're back with more good stuff from Good Lines: How To Apply videos. Watch our IGTV & YouTube to see why these celeb boob hacks work well on any cup size.

Click the image above to be linked to our newest "how to apply" video for DD+ cups.

In this video you will see our model who is a 40H cup size wearing Good Lines 3 inch Champagne Straight Tape and our Extra Coverage nipple covers. Backless, strapless, waterproof & sweat-proof, our boob tape is perfect for casual wear such as under your bathing suit, to supporting you on your wedding day. When you watch this, you will see why this application video is one of the best DIY boob job celebrity hacks. Not to mention why Cosmopolitan Magazine said our sticky bras were “their fave of everything they tried on” when compared to all other sticky bras!

Click the image above to be linked to our newest "how to apply" video for A-C cups.

Although our adhesive is super reliable and strong, it is very important that you remove our boob tape properly. By following these steps, the removal should be seamless and painless. Here is the low down:

1. Saturate - Completely saturate the tape in oil. The goal is to saturate the tape enough so that the oil soaks through to the adhesive and starts loosening the bond between the tape and your skin. Let the tape soak for at least 15 minutes.

2. Remove - Slowly start pulling the tape off. Do not pull the tape out away from your body at a 45-degree angle. Instead pull it back against itself. Apply more oil to any spots that need more loosening. DO NOT rip the tape off like a bandaid.

3. Finish - Use a cotton pad and oil to remove any remaining adhesive from your skin.

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