Romantic nights out are nice, but there's just something special about celebrating V-DAY with a bestie. To honor the loyal ladies in your life, we're doing a giveaway where YOU and YOUR GALENTINE can win a Good Lines Boob Tape Roll & Nipple Covers! This one's for the girls. Enter to win on our IG post here.  


Our best seller for a reason! Completely customizable and fits cup sizes A-J+. Just like our bras, our Boob Tape Rolls gives unbelievable lift and long term hold. It is waterproof, sweat proof, 8 hour hold, won't show lines, is wearable under any fabric and can be cut to fit any style of clothing! It is medical grade and hypoallergenic (latex free) boob tape that is 5 meters long (over 15 feet). 

Check out this before & after lift with our Boob Tape Roll, you don't want to miss out on this giveaway!

Boob Tape Rolls & Nipple Covers are like throwback Paris & Nicole on a big bender night out... inseparable. You can't have one without the other. Which is why we're giving away a Boob Tape Roll & a pack of Gentle Remove Nipple Covers. Learn more about our Nipple Covers below:


Whether you win or not, i
f you are purchasing any Good Lines boob tape products, make sure Nipple Covers are in your cart. These hypoallergenic, Gentle Remove Nipple Covers will protect your nipple and areola from the strong adhesive in our boob tape products. We do not suggest using boob tape without them!

They're great under boob tape, and if your boobs are perky enough - they're the perfect nipple shield to pop on under your shirt. No boob tape needed.


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