Bridal Kit Must Haves for THE BIG DAY ūüēä

What your wedding planner will forget to tell you is the important list of items you should keep handy on your wedding day. Here is a list of 12 items we suggest for your emergency kit on the big day:

Sewing Kit
Don't let a rip or tear stop you on your big day! This sewing kit will have you covered for any sewing needs that could come up.  It has a variety of thread colors sure to match any suit or dress color.

Tide to Go Pen
Mistakes happen... a lot.... so have your bestie keep this stain remover pen on deck in case things get a little wild.

Good Lines Straight Tape & Nipple Covers
If you are reading this, then most likely you are on our website because you have read why so many brides trust our boob tape on their big day. Remember, our sticky bras are sweat-proof & waterproof (which means you can dance the night away worry free).

Moon Stain Teeth Wipes
Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening? This big night of partying is going to put a constant smile on your face so make sure your teeth are white and clean with these teeth wipes. You won't regret this move!

Lola Tampons
Don't let the little red friend ruin your night. Keep these stocked in your bridal suite, or in your bff's purse. You know what they say, better to be safe than sorry!

Anti Blister Balm
Just thinking about the word "blister" makes us cringe. Don't let those pesky bumps stop you from wearing your dream heel on your big day. This balm is an anti-blister solution that is quick, easy, and fits in whatever clutch you can find.

Oil Blotting Sheets
The perfect texture to remove the oily shine from sweat and body oil, yet still light enough to keep your makeup on. These sheets are a team favorite on any important day.

Mini Natural Deodorant
What is worse than pit stains? Smelly pits? Or pits in general. NOTHING. So ladies, please make sure you or your friends pack this secret weapon throughout the night so you can throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care!

SPF 50+ Sun Lotion
Healthy, dewy, glowing skin is one of the biggest things we all want on our wedding day. Applying SPF on your face is a game changer to block the rays from turning your precious skin red. Just remember, do not apply any sunscreen on your body before putting on our boob tape as the oil in the lotion will prevent the adhesive from sticking!

Lint Roller
Dust, BE GONE. We just don't have time for the pesky cloth balls to creep up on our dresses... or suits. Keep this lint roller handy just in case you or your man needs a quick clean.

Mini Disposable Toothbrush
Teeth hygiene. NEED IT. Keep those pearly whites smiling and fresh with these mini disposable toothbrush. With this 24 pack you can keep the whole wedding party fresh and smooch ready.

Extra Earring Backs
Don't let something this small get in your way, but the truth is - losing an earring back would really suck... especially if there aren't any around. Buy this variety pack and keep them on hand for you and your bridesmaids just to be on the safe side. You don't want anyone losing sleep over their missing diamond earring.

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