36J Boob Tape Ad Has Gone Viral! 😂

The funniest ad we’ve ever done has gone viral, and we're totally here for it.

Sharon aka "LaLoca" is one of our favorite personalities out there. She is beautiful inside & out, real, and so damn funny. In the video above, you can really see the before/after magic of Good Lines 3 inch Straight Tape boob tape on her 36J's. It absolutely cracks us up that she refers to her boobs as a flat tire without boob tape... but like, honestly.. we can relate which is why we created Straight Tape, a customizable sticky bra that comes in 2 widths, 2 adhesive levels, and 5 tones.


This confidence and body positivity is what what fuels us to create the best sticky bra at Good Lines. A company born out of passion to uplift and support all women along each of their unique journeys. 

36J LaLoca Boob Tape

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boob tape

Much love!

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