The top 5 LGBTQ makeup artists you should have your eyes on now... and always 🏳️‍🌈

Let's be real - all of us have had our fair share of time spent on YouTube/IG/TikTok trying to learn the newest beauty trends. Our Good Lines team is often talking about the best lip liners to fun eye shadows and decided to turn to the pros. Considering June is PRIDE month, we wanted to share some of our favorite LGBTQ makeup artists who always stay ahead of the trends.

1. JACINDA aka @adultsdrink

jacinda eye color art

Jacinda is our lip art & eye shadow muse. She is known for her uni-liner funky palettes and perfect pouts. We could (and have) spent a lot of time just admiring her work on IG. If you need inspiration for your next event or fun night out - look no further. 

2. NEON aka @neonmua

neon mua

Someone from our team stumbled across NEON while looking for how to perfect her mascara application. NEON soon became a favorite amongst us all after watching a few of his "must have" product videos. He always often talks about inspiration from other black creators and encourages more people to express themselves.

3. NIKKIE aka @nikkietutorials

nikkie tutorials

If you are into beauty tutorials, Nikkie de Jagger most likely has popped onto your feed before... and for good reason. Her tutorials are informative, real, and so stunning. She is transgender who wants more men/women to feel beautiful like she is. She also has a great YouTube series called "Layer of Me" that is a must watch.

4. RYAN aka @ryanbpotter

james potter

James, in our opinion, has one of the most beautiful feeds on Instagram. He is the type of person you would want to know as his beauty shines both in and out. He's an absolute queen when it comes to makeup tutorials, but also discusses skincare and acne. Shoot him a follow, you won't regret it. 

5. MEI PANG aka @meicrosoft

mei pang

We are in LOVE with Mei Pang.. and it seems like many others in the beauty space are too. She has that show stopper sexy attitude, with looks that kill. Her makeup is often not super complicated which inspires those of us who can't have a steady hand if you paid us. P.S. For those who are thinking about getting some ink, look no further for inspiration. 

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