The #1 Secret to Scarf Tops = BOOB TAPE

Secrets out: Good Lines boob tape is THE trick to how everyone is wearing the trending scarf tops. Since these scarf tops are completely DIY but without the right coverage (aka Good Lines boob tape), your tatas may be exposed. The best part about this DIY boob tape & scarf top video is that with just one style of boob tape application, you see how Kitty can wear 5 different style tops.

Style #1

Style #2

Style #3

Style #4

Style #5

In this video you will see Kitty transform a plain square silk scarf into multiple top styles. First, it’s super important we teach you how she first applies Good Lines boob tape 2 inch Strong in Mocha as this wasn’t shown in the video.

Here are the application steps for the vertical strapless boob tape roll: If you are A-D Cup, purchase our 2 inch roll:
1. Apply Nipple Covers
2. First cut 4 strips, 3-4 inches long each. Remember this tape stretches so do not cut strips as long as your boob and chest area.
3. Remove liner from one strip and start with the inner side of the nipple and work your way out. The last piece will go on the inside of the first piece you applied. Do not pull up too much on the tape. This can cause too much tension and pulling and lead to irritation.
4. Repeat until you feel supported and have your shoulders neck and collarbone exposed. If you are a DD+ Cup, purchase our 3 inch roll: Same steps as above except you will cut the boob tape into 2 sizes (small and 1-2 inch longer strips). We call this our “double hold technique”. The goal with the small strips is to start getting SOME lift, this isn't the FULL lift. After applying the shorter, apply the longer strips. Start the longer strips below the shorter ones on your skin so you can lift up your boobs to the desired place. DO NOT END THE TAPE ON THE OTHER TAPE make sure you stick the tape to your skin.

Here is a good tutorial to watch how to apply this style:

Now that you know how to apply boob tape, you can wear whatever you want!

The opportunities are endless and you should try the styles Kitty wears in this video above.

Her scarf can be found on Amazon for under $10! Here is the link:

Now, remember when you are ready to remove boob tape you must have a bottle of oil and a towel nearby. Our products are guaranteed to last because our adhesive is strong, but without the proper removal your skin may experience irritation. First, DRENCH the boob tape in oil and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Then once the 15 minutes is up, you can start slowly removing the boob tape once you see that the adhesive is not sticking to your skin. The purpose of the oil is to eat at the adhesive and once you see the tape beginning to peel off, you know the boob tape is ready to be removed.


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