Karen M. Debora said "I actually believe in the product."

Good Lines boob tape has thousands of five star reviews for a reason: our boob tape is waterproof, sweat-proof, and completely customizable! It was designed for women with large breasts, but we offer styles for many; A-J+ cup sizes!  

Good Lines carries two adhesive strengths and five different shades in our boob tape products. We also know that no two pairs of boobs are alike, so we wanted to put together a little compilation video for you. You will watch and learn seven different ways to apply Good Lines boob tape from REAL CUSTOMERS.

The application process is simple, but regardless of the style you decide to apply - you must make sure your skin is dry and clean of all lotions, oils, perfumes, tanners etc as this will interfere with the adhesive sticking to your skin. Also, please remember to use Good Lines Nipple Covers before you start applying our boob tape. Do not underestimate how sensitive the areola and nipple area can be! If you do not wear Nipple Covers, you may be at risk of your skin ripping & blisters on your most sensitive region.

Looking for a specific taping style? Skip ahead to the video you are most interested in:

⭐0:01 - How to wear Good Lines boob tape under the trendy crochet top on DD’s

⭐️0:30  - How to apply Good Lines 3 inch boob tape in a deep v / near collarbone style

⭐️0:48 - How to apply Good Lines 3 inch boob tape for off the shoulder tops

⭐️1:30 - How to apply Good Lines 3 inch boob tape on 36DD’s

⭐️4:02 - How to apply Good Lines 3 inch boob tape under silky tops

⭐️5:59 - How to apply Good Lines boob tape by a mom of 3

⭐️6:49 - How to apply Good Lines boob tape double technique method for boobs with loss of volume

IMPORTANT: Although the removal was not shown in these videos, please make sure you follow these steps:

    1. Saturate/DRENCH Good Lines boob tape in oil for at least 15 minutes 

    2. After 15 minutes, the boob tape should already start to detach from your skin. Peel the tape off slowly, do not rip it off like a bandaid.

    3. Add more oil to any place where there needs more loosening

Once all the tape is removed, towel dry and you’re done!

For more application/removal videos, check out our Good Lines Instagram and Good Lines YouTube!

Have topics you want us to talk about in our blog?  Have ideas of videos you want to see?  Please email us support@goodlines.com and let us know.  We want to make sure that we are giving you useful content that you want to see.

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