2021 Resolutions

New Year, New Beginnings 

Good Lines Resolutions
1. January for example is "The Month of Resolutions" and we're going to try our best to stick to them.. yeah I'm looking at you #5 (prioritize more sleep).

2. With help from our friends at CoppaFeel!, our Team will set a monthly reminder that tells us when and how to check our breasts for breast cancer awareness. 

3.  I want our employees to spend 80% of their time on their role, and 20% exploring and broadening their horizons on other skill sets that will benefit them individually, and the Good Lines community.

4. Our mission is to create an inclusive and inspirational space that allows women to feel supported. We want to research more ways on how we can contribute to the growth of other female entrepreneurs. 

5. I'm a mom with 2 toddlers and a baby on the way. Sleep is a foreign language, but I NEED to do this.

Sasha Good Lines Founder

Through the ups and downs of 2020 - our team has reflected and we are all in awe with the beautiful and inclusive community we have thanks to you. We're in the business of supporting both physically and emotionally, and I'm so grateful it has been reciprocated.

To a healthy and happy new year!

♥️ Sasha O., Founder

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