2021 Top Bathing Suits For Big Boobs

SUMMER. One of favorite words, but let's be real - finding a bathing suit that will support large boobs is like finding a needle in the haystack... until now. Don't worry about your boobs in a bathing suit for one more second, we've got your covered. 

Our teams already vetted a handful of bathing suits below that were designed for large boobs but look cute too. Click below on the image that has the type of bathing suit you want.

Multi Way Top in Black

This suit is sexy but really supports your tatas. The string waisted frame is perfect for any long leg beauty to show her stuff. Plus the top has enough support for you to feel secure, especially with Good Lines boob tape on.

 Colorblock V Neck One Piece 

This one piece is comfortable yet still sexy. The deep V cut is perfect for you to show off your girls without having to pull up the bathing suit straps constantly. This is also a great suit for you to wear our Good Lines Classic Cut!

Monday Swimwear Corsica Once Piece

Wow. Just wow. This suit is definitely on the pricier end of the list, but the quality and fit is worth it. This suit was designed for those who are heavily endowed but still want to show off long, lean legs. Plus the ribbed center makes anyone with less confidence in their midsection feel better.

This is the ultimate babe swim suit. The one shoulder cut is absolutely perfect for anyone that wants to wear something unique, but still feel supported. To learn how to apply our boob tape for one shoulder outfits, click here.

Okay, HOT STUF. Maybe it's just because our team loves olive green, but this suit is so damn cute... and affordable. Sometimes an Amazon suit is the best. What we love most about this two piece is the support you really get with your boobs. The band below the cups create extra support for large boobs, and really worked well for our team.
Okay, how cute is this suit? What our team loved about it was the clean leans and unique style. It's a hot one piece, and we're all about functional clothing that's also trendy. The cut outs might give you some funny tan lines, but under an umbrella at the pool or beach will bring all eyes on you.. plus, if you have Good Lines on you shouldn't be in the direct sun anyways ;). 
This suit is simple and chic. There are no frills, and that is just the way we like it. The wrap style allows you to manage the fit, and ensures you always feel supported and snug around your boobs.. which is exactly what you want when you are blessed with a chest. Our Classic Cut bras would be perfect under this suit!

Well hello darlin'. This suit was a fan favorite for a few reasons. First, the high waisted bottom and unique top makes this suit comfortable and still cool. We also love that this bathing suit top looks like a cropped shirt. You could throw on some jean shorts post ocean or pool dip and head right out if you wanted. 


We hope you enjoyed reading this, and perhaps we helped you find a new summer suit.
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