New Years Eve Outfits: What are you wearing to close out the year?

It’s time to ring in the New Year in style! Let’s say goodbye to the hot mess that was 2022 with the best way we know possible, a killer outfit and a fun night of partying. These are our favorite looks for the new year and how we’re wearing Good Lines with them. Style an outfit for the biggest night of the year with Sasha!

Sasha, our founder and CEO, will be wearing our best seller straight tape, 2 inch width in Midnight. Her favorite way to apply is laying down. Have you watched our tutorial yet? Click below for Sasha’s favorite way to use her Good Lines!

  1. Pre-cut your strips. Sasha is a 34D and uses about 3 or 4 pieces on each side. 
  2. Always always start with nipple covers!
  3. Start with one in the center and pull up! Continue to do this with additional strips on each side until you have covered the breast. Give each strip a little lift. Make sure you don't pull up like crazy. That could put too much tension on the skin.
  4. Repeat on the other side.

Pro tip! Don't just lay down on your back. Position your body to how you want your boob to sit. As you tape, it will hold in place exactly where you want it!

Now for the fun part, bring on the sparkles! We’ve all tried making a strapless bra work with a halter top, those days are over with Good Lines! This sexy sequin top is perfect for New Years Eve with its peekaboo front and criss cross back.

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Don’t let anyone tell you that sheath dresses aren’t the sexiest thing, especially with a low back like this! There is no bra that can take a look like this but Good Lines. You’ll be the star of the show at any New Years Eve party in this mini!

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Did we say shine bright like a diamond? Because this dress agrees. Get your Cher vibes on with this cowl back sequin mini dress from asos.

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If pants or a mini dress isn’t quite your vibe, this might be the one for you. This two piece, off the shoulder sequin trumpet set from Nordstrom is giving modern gatsby vibes. Show some leg in this maxi sequin skirt with a high slit. Don’t worry about fighting with a strapless bra, Good Lines will give you all the support you need in this off the shoulder top.

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Everyone else must have loved this gown as much as we did because it is unfortunately sold out! But don’t worry! Mac Duggal at Nordstrom has several other options with the same color and fit as this gorgeous, gold one shoulder grecian gown.

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And as always, please keep in mind this product has a serious hold! It is important to watch the video on our website to learn how to apply and remove our products safely. Good Lines products are not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or individuals who have sensitive or thin skin. Women who are diabetic or pre-diabetic can not use our products. Some women have thin skin around their collar bone or upper chest area so please be cautious when applying tape to those areas. If it is your first time wearing Good Lines, wear our bras for only 2-3 hours to ensure your chest will not experience irritation. Do not wear products for more than 8 hours. Do not expose products to prolonged sun exposure or heat while in use.  Do not sunbathe in the product. Do not wear products two days in a row.  Make sure to apply enough tape to support your breast size.  Not applying enough tape to support your breasts can lead to too much tension on the skin which causes skin pulling irritation.  Not following our instructions and guidelines can lead to skin irritation and blisters. Remove product and see your doctor immediately if you experience itching, swelling, rash or discomfort.

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