Good Lines just dropped our latest product, and guess what? It's not boob tape! Introducing The Planned Parenthood Tote, the best canvas tote bag you will ever own, and for a damn good reason!

The I Stand With Planned Parenthood tote is designed and made by the talented team at Power & Light Press, a New Mexico-based print shop, female founded and ran!

The tote reads: "I Went To Planned Parenthood And All I Got Was A Breast Exam, A Pap Smear, Physical Exam, STD Testing And Treatment, Information And Counseling About My Sexual And Reproductive Health, Cancer Screenings, A Pregnancy Test, Prenatal Services, And Access To Affordable Birth Control. #STANDWITHPLANNEDPARENTHOOD #WEWONTGOBACK"

Good Lines will donate a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood with each purchase. Over $100k has been donated so far from the sales of these bags.  Join us in supporting this amazing cause!

For years, Sasha O., Good Lines Founder, has carried this tote as her everyday bag. She is passionate about the mission, and is stopped on the street daily so people can read what the tote says. Now you can own one too!


The tote is 13x14", and should not be machine washed.

To celebrate the drop of the I Stand With Planned Parenthood Tote Bag, one winner will be gifted the tote, a Good Lines Boob Tape Roll, and a pair of Gentle Remove Nipple Covers!

To enter:
1. Follow @goodlines if you don't already
2. Share what you love most about being a woman in this post
3. Tag a friend who would love this bag too
4. Repost this IG post to your story for an extra chance at winning


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