MUST HAVE: Good Lines Nipple Covers aka Pasties

standard nipple covers

Good Lines boob tape works GREAT with Nipple Covers aka Pasties, but we strongly recommend not to use our Boob Tape without them. Why? You must be thinking... well the answer is simple: the skin of your nipple and around your areola is the most sensitive region on your chest! Our boob tape is super strong, and without using Nipple Covers to protect this extra sensitive region, you can experience some major pain and tenderness when removing from your skin. 

These are light, flexible and have a satin finish. They fit perfectly with very little adhesive sticking along the outer areola. I really would wear these alone if I wasn’t also looking for lift." - Alyssa C, Verified Purchase

Nipple Covers are perfect for:
  • Our pasties are for all cup sizes
  • Wearing under Boob Tape products to protect nipples
  • Can also be worn under any style of clothing

Just how we offer many sizes and styles of boob tape, we wanted to create 2 different sizes of Nipple Covers (which we're the first brand to do so... hello, humble brag).  The reason why we created two different sizes is because many women have larger areolas, and that does not have anything to do with their breast size.

nipple covers
Overall, here's what you should know:
  • Our pasties are hypoallergenic
  • They're Latex Free
  • The Standard Nipple Covers are 3 inches in diameter
The Extra Coverage Nipple Covers are 4 inches in diameter

Lastly, if you are curious on which size is best for you - look at the image below and see the difference of surface area coverage without adhesive. The Standard Nipple Cover on the right side has a smaller amount of space for your areola to fit versus the Extra Coverage Nipple Covers will protect a wider areola!

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