Introducing: Youtube Shorts!

We all have our favorites, some love Reels, some are strictly TikTok. Now we have Youtube Shorts! You’ve watched Good Lines on YouTube for years now, but now you can enjoy videos 60 seconds or less! Applications, styling outfits, and more. We’re here on YouTube for good. 
This past month we started a new series featuring our favorite ways to remove Good Lines as well as trying different oils you all suggested via Instagram. Follow along with us as we trial all the best ways to successfully remove your boob tape!
As well as tutorials on how to apply and remove your boob tape, we are loving sharing with you all the amazing women who use Good Lines! This company was built to support and uplift2 women, when you share your videos, you’re doing just that too. Here are some of our favorite Shorts made by our amazing customers.
And don't forget!  We love when you tag us.  Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting our female founded, female run company!
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And as always, please keep in mind this product has a serious hold! It is important to watch the video on our website to learn how to apply and remove our products safely. Good Lines products are not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or individuals who have sensitive or thin skin. Women who are diabetic or pre-diabetic can not use our products. Some women have thin skin around their collar bone or upper chest area so please be cautious when applying tape to those areas. If it is your first time wearing Good Lines, wear our bras for only 2-3 hours to ensure your chest will not experience irritation. Do not wear products for more than 8 hours. Do not expose products to prolonged sun exposure or heat while in use.  Do not sunbathe in the product. Do not wear products two days in a row.  Make sure to apply enough tape to support your breast size.  Not applying enough tape to support your breasts can lead to too much tension on the skin which causes skin pulling irritation.  Not following our instructions and guidelines can lead to skin irritation and blisters. Remove product and see your doctor immediately if you experience itching, swelling, rash or discomfort.

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