Hottest 5 bride necklines and how to tape your boobs for them!

Are you a bride-to-be searching for the perfect wedding dress? The neckline of your gown can make a significant statement, and it's crucial to find the right undergarment support to complement it. So let's explore the five hottest bride necklines + tips on how to tape your boobs for each of them.

Sweetheart Neckline: The sweetheart neckline is a classic choice for brides seeking a romantic and feminine look. To support this neckline, consider using adhesive tape in a sweetheart shape to lift and shape your bust. This will provide the necessary support without compromising the style of the dress.

Plunging V-Neck: For brides daring to rock a plunging V-neck, Good Lines boob tape is your best friend. Use our boob tape to secure the neckline in place and ensure that you feel confident and secure throughout your special day. This technique also prevents any wardrobe malfunctions, allowing you to focus on enjoying every moment.


Off-the-Shoulder/Strapless: Off-the-shoulder or strapless necklines exude elegance and sophistication. To maintain the seamless off-the-shoulder look, consider using adhesive bras or boob tape that can be securely attached to provide support and lift without visible straps. This will allow you to show off your shoulders and neckline with confidence.

Thin Spaghetti Strap Style: Thin straps are a stylish yet timeless choice for brides. To achieve the perfect look with a dress that has thin straps, use adhesive tape to lift and support your bust while maintaining the sleek and chic silhouette of the dress. This will ensure that you feel comfortable and supported without compromising the style of the gown.

Low back: low back dresses are another modern option.Use Good Lines boob tape to secure the neckline and ensure that the illusion details remain in place throughout the day. This technique will provide the necessary support while maintaining the graceful illusion effect.

Do keep in mind there are many different styles we did not cover + also many other ways to tape. Here is our 12 ways to wear for your reference!

ways to wear

Remember, every bride is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It's essential to consider your body type and dress style when choosing the best support for your wedding day. With the right preparation and support, you can confidently walk down the aisle and celebrate the start of your new chapter with elegance and grace.

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