NEW VIDEOS: Sweetheart Application

Good Lines is back again this week with another "how to tape" boob tape for sweetheart necklines. Everyone is always asking us how to use boob tape for different necklines and we are here to break it down step by step.

Click on the image above to watch the video for DD+ cup sizes.  We always create two sets of videos for each neckline.  One video for A-C cup sizes and another for DD+ cup sizes.  Both videos have tips and tricks that will help you achieve that look you want!

The video above will show you how to use Good Lines boob tape for A-C cup sizes. Our model is using Straight Tape in the 2 inch Mocha Strong adhesive. Once you see how easy this application is, you will understand why so many women use this hack to get instant cleavage. Watch how just one strip of Straight Tape at the bottom brings the girls together like no other. Smaller boob ladies, this trick is 🔥.

Here is the step by step on how to apply:

  1. Test - Apply your test patch to the skin on your chest for 24 hours
  2. Prep - Please make sure your skin is CLEAN and dry. Lotions, powders, oil, perfume, makeup, sweat, sunblock or fresh spray tan will prevent the adhesive from sticking.
  3. Apply nipple covers!! Do not forget this part, to purchase Nipple Covers please click here:
  4. Ready - Slowly peel the liner off the tape
  5. Start - Use one hand to lift your breast up to where you want it to be, and the other hand to tape the base of the boob tape above the base of your breast.
  6. Tape - While keeping your breast elevated, use the other hand to slowly slide the bra up and shape around the breast. Once you get to the base of the nipple pull the tape up and stick on to your chest taping your breast in place. 
  7. Position - Rub bra to activate adhesive. 
  8. Trim - Carefully trim any boob tape that you do not want to show.

Lastly, if you are new here, or have never used Good Lines before, PLEASE watch our full application & removal video here:


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